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Volunteer Guidelines

In the Shoreline School District our students’ safety, and yours, are paramount. We strive to provide a safe, healthy, supportive environment for students, staff and volunteers. To help create this, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

Safe Interaction with Students

All volunteers should work under supervised conditions. This means:

Safe Verbal Communication

Let your conversation demonstrate respect for others and yourself. Avoid language that may be perceived as discriminatory, sexist or offensive. Remember that you are a role model for the students.

Treat all students in the same manner.

If a student shares any information with you that causes you concern for their safety or health, TELL THE TEACHER OR PRINCIPAL. They will follow up on the information appropriately. Please keep the content of the information and action you took strictly confidential.

Safe Touch Areas

Handshakes and high fives are considered appropriate friendly touches.

If a student wants to hug you, show them how to “hug from the side” — bending down so that your shoulders are level with the student’s. Let the student initiate this kind of behavior.

Never touch a child in anger. If a student is unruly or disrespectful, return them to the classroom and let the teacher take over from there.

The bottom line is to use your best judgment at all times. Treat the students as you wish to be treated… with dignity, care, and respect.

Volunteer Guidelines

Because the safety of students is so important, the Shoreline School District has implemented certain policies to insure the safety of all students:

  • There should be another volunteer, district employee, or parent in the area where you are working with student(s). If you are going to work one-on-one or in small groups away from the classroom, leave the door to the room open or stay in an open area. Make sure you are in plain sight.
  • To protect your privacy, and that of students, do not ask for a student’s address, phone number or to take their picture. Also, do not share your address or phone number with a student without discussing it with your classroom teacher or the principal.
  • Use adult/staff restrooms only. Do not accompany a student into the restroom.
  • All that you learn from staff about your student or from interacting with your student is confidential. Please remember this when discussing your volunteer work outside of the school.
  • We screen all volunteers who work directly with children through the WA State Patrol Computer Database. Volunteer screening is process by Human Resources, and the current application can be found here:
  • After submitting your application, allow 2-3 weeks for processing. To verify your status after the processing period has elapsed, please check in with the Office Manager at the school/s you've listed in the application.