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Alma Mater

The Alma Mater is also on the wall of the gym. Tradition was to play it at half-time during football games. The words and music are by Beth and Leonard Moore. Leonard Moore was Shorecrest’s first choir director.

"The Hallowed Halls of Shorecrest"
The Shorecrest Alma Mater

Through the hallowed halls of Shorecrest,
May the echoes ever ring,
While the students raise their voices,
To their Alma Mater sing.
Hail to thee, O mighty Shorecrest,
Raise the gold, the green, and blue,
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater,
To your colors we’ll be true.
May the memories of Shorecrest,
Live forever, never die,
May our voices raise with songs of praise,
To the name of Shorecrest High.

To the hallowed halls of Shorecrest,
Soon we all must say farewell,
As the future beckons onward,
With a voice we know so well.
May each highlander prove worthy,
Of her honor and her fame,
Keep her ideals high forever,
To preserve her worthy name.
When we leave the halls of Shorecrest,
And each lad and lass depart,
As we say goodbye to Shorecrest High,
Keep her memory in your heart.