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If you would like information posted for your class on this page please email it to us. If there is nothing listed for your class then nothing has been sent to us and we have no other information. Likewise, if something is incorrect then we have not been given updated information. Please contact the Shorecrest Webmaster if you wish to post or update your class information.

Reunions are organized by the classes and not the school. Please be aware that we cannot create or host pages for you. We can only provide links. A link does not represent an endorsement of the site. We cannot be responsible for the content and administration policies of pages linked from the decades pages. Use the links on the left to navigate to your class decade.

In moving to a new Shorecrest building, we wanted to make sure the original building will never be forgotten. In a project that began as simply a group of photos, graphic designer Sang-Won Cho has documented the original Shorecrest campus in two photo books (well, really one book, two versions). Click on the links to view and purchase the books: There is an 80 page version and a 360 page version. All profits go to Shorecrest.