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Tattoo Magazine

Submissions for the Spring 2024 magazine are open until March 10, 2024.

Submission Form

Tattoo Magazine Submissions

Hello friends! Welcome to Tattoo’s website.

Meetings are held at lunch on Mondays in room 249 with Mrs. Haines.


What is Tattoo?

Tattoo, Shorecrest’s award-winning literary arts magazine, has been publishing student and faculty art and literature since 1963, making it one of Shorecrest's oldest and most treasured student-run clubs. In order to continue to do so, Tattoo needs new student submissions. Visual art, essays, poetry, and short fiction are accepted from the students and staff of Shorecrest High School and Kellogg Middle School.


In 2012, Tattoo received the title of Best High School Literary Arts Magazine from the National Council of Teachers of English and a special mention from the Scholastic Review.


We celebrate the release of our bi-annual magazine with an event known as Coffeehouse, where we showcase student poets, musicians, and dancers. It's fun, festive and always a good time! Did we mention it's free?


How to Submit

Submissions for the Spring 2024 magazine are open until March 10, 2024.

Anyone can submit, whether you’re a club member or not! All pieces submitted must be identified by the author’s name, but the name may be withheld upon request in the publication. 


Writing Guidelines

  • A maximum of four written pieces may be submitted.

  • Submissions must be in one of the following formats: DOC/DOCX or PDF.

  • Writing pieces accepted include but are not limited to: poetry, short stories, essays, etc

  • Maximum length is 2,000 words (or slightly over three single-spaced pages).


Art Guidelines

  • A maximum of four pieces of art may be submitted.

  • Images must be in one of the following formats: JPG/JPEG or PNG.

  • Art pieces accepted include but are not limited to: visual art, photography, collages, pictures of 3D art such as sculptures, etc.

  • If you don’t have your art piece scanned or are unable to scan your piece, you can leave your art piece, along with your name and the piece’s title, with Mrs. Haines in room 249. The piece will be scanned and returned. You must still fill out the submission form below. Submit a placeholder file in the "Upload your media here!" field of the form and leave a note down at the bottom letting us know.

  • Most art will be published in the magazine in grayscale. Artists are welcome to submit their art in both color and grayscale, if you’d like to have more control over settings such as contrast in case it ends up published in black and white. 


Submission Form HERE


Any questions?

Please contact any of the Tattoo editors: Maggie Feinberg, Lily Fredericks, Ruby Campbell, Erica Hammond, Chao Koh, Harlan Liu, and Angelina Vaughn.


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