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Community Service & Service Learning

About Community Service in the Shoreline School District

The Shoreline School Board rescinded the graduation requirement for 40 hours of community service in Spring 2023. Volunteering is no longer required to graduate from Shorewood or Shorecrest High Schools. 

That said, we continue to publicize Community Service Opportunities and track students' hours. 

Current Opportunities:  2023-2024 Shorecrest/ Shorewood Community Service. Note that there are two tabs to the sheet:  Current Events for one-time or short-term options, and Ongoing Opportunities for options that go on for an extended period of time, like during the school year. 


Celebrate your high school journey with recognition that goes beyond grades! Your hard work and commitment to community service will be acknowledged on your diploma:

  • Certificate of Merit for 40+ hours
  • Certificate of Distinction for an impressive 80+ hours

Because your impact extends far beyond the classroom!

Contact Mr. Orallo for more information by emailing

Mr. Orallo


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