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Do You Need Volunteers?

Need Great Volunteers or Employees?

Volunteer Needs:

Tap into 3,000+ Shorecrest and Shorewood students who need 40 hours of community service with non-profit groups to graduate.

Recruit teens by sending us a flyer and details at least three weeks before your volunteer event. Interested students will contact you directly.

At least four weeks in advance, email the following information to: at Shorecrest High School and/or at Shorewood High School.


We will:

  • List your events on our Community Service pages;
  • Include the events in emails about Community service opportunities; and use your posters advertising your event around the high school building

 We are unable to:

  • Screen volunteers;
  • Gather groups of volunteers for you;
  • Forecast how many students will show up for your event;
  • Send an email about a single event;
  • Guarantee that all students who sign up will follow through.

In your email, please include:

1. Name of your non-profit organization and/or event.
2. Dates and times when volunteerism would be performed.
3. Address where project/tasks will be performed.
4. Description of duties, including any perks.
5. Primary contact person. Students will contact you, not us, if they are interested in volunteering for the event.
6. Contact phone and email.
7. Organization website.
8. Any posters or flyers that we can use to advertise. These can also be postal-mailed to us at our high schools.

Jocelyn Hudson - Counseling Secretary // 206-393-4296 // 
Shorecrest High School, 15343 25th Ave NE, Shoreline, WA 98155

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Here is what we share with Shorecrest and Shorewood students:

What qualifies as community service? 

  • Service performed at a Non-Profit (501c (3))
  • Must be supervised by a non-family member/adult (over 21)
  • Hours must be earned outside of academic class time (lunch is ok -  but no other time during the school day)
    • A non-profit is an organization that typically provides a service to the community for small to zero fee.  Employees are paid, however services to those they serve are usually free.  Some examples of non-profits are Libraries, Schools, Food Bank and Shelters. Volunteering to file papers at a local business does not count; neither does helping a neighbor - unless it is directly arranged by a non-profit. 
    • A good way to know if an organization if a non-profit to check their website address.  If it ends with a (.org or .edu or .gov) it is most likely a non-profit.
    • Still uncertain? Ask Ms. Hudson or call the organization.

 What does NOT count as community service?

  • Fundraising - exceptions apply. Please see Mr. Orallo about details. Most Spree and SC Boosters activities are permitted with advanced approval.
  • Religious Activities - proselytizing, reading Bible verses, teaching Sunday School, being an acolyte, or participating in church choirs. However, helping with social, child-care or business functions at a religious facility is okay.
  • Paid Service of any kind.
  • School service during the academic day. Projects must be completed outside of class and approved by administration in advance.
  • Hours that are required for a grade or project or hours required by the courts will NOT be counted toward your graduation requirement. 
  • Hours needed for National Honor Society cannot be used for Community Service. Sorry: no double-dipping.
Political Campaigning

Student-initiated volunteer work performed for a political candidate, initiative or action group with a Washington state registered non-profit number qualifies for Shorecrest and Shorewood high schools community service programs, as long as all other requirements are met. Shoreline high schools do not actively promote or advertise volunteer opportunities for such campaigns. Promotion/advertising is allowed in high schools for non-profit, non-partisan “Get Out the Vote” and voter forums.


Job Postings:

Please create a simple flyer and include: description of duties, location, application procedure, pay scale, and contact information. Applicants will contact you directly.

Email your information to (206.393.4312